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Pão-de-Açúcar tour

Pão-de-açúcar (or sugar loaf) is a must-do in Rio. However, there's no need to get there as most tourists do! We make it all the way there by our own foot. Our meeting point for this half-a-day tour is at Copacabana beach, from where we go cycling all along the coast till the Red Beach (bikes included in the trip).

After parking our bicycles, we do a small hiking trip (that takes about 30 min each way) to the top of the first hill. With some lucky we will meet some small monkeys (saguis) on the way.

At the summit we will make a large break for visiting the site and taking pictures. Whoever is interested can buy there a ticket to the cable car to the highest hill at a discount price (as half the way we already did hiking :-)

Once everyone is back, we will make the way down the hiking trip, cycle along Urca's neighborhood and stop at the famous 'mureta', a small wall by the water where many young people from Rio gather for a beer or two. Finally we cycle back to Copacabana.

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Hiking trip to the first hill.
Facing Botafogo neighborhood and Christ the redeemer.
Botafogo bay
Flamengo beach, financial distric and the domestic airport
Viem of Urca's neighborhood
View from the heighest hill (sugar loaf) facing Copacabana beach

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Pao de Acucar
Pão-de-Açúcar bike+hike
Half-a-day tour for R$75
We start our trip at Copacabana beach, from where we cycle to beach near Pão-de-Açúcar, and hike to the top of the first hill. Cable car available to the highest hill (not included).

Dois Irmaos
Dois Irmãos hike
Half-a-day tour for R$75
We begin our trip with a moto-taxi at the peacified favela of Vidigal. The trail reveals breathtaking views of Rio de Janeiro. We finish the tour at Vidigal's beach.

Barra de Guaratiba
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Guaratiba is home to the so called Wild Beaches of Rio de Janeiro, located about 50km from Copacabana, this piece of paradise is only accessible by hiking.

Pedra Bonita
Pedra Bonita tour
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Includes a hike to Worto waterfall with a stop for bathing, drive to Chinese View sightseeing, a stop for watching hang-gliders and 2h hiking to Pedra Bonita stone.

Floresta da Tijuca
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Full-day tour for R$105
This tours includes one stop at Chinese View, a short hike to waterfall with a stop for bathing and a 3h hiking either to Bico do Papagaio or Tijuca's peak, among the heighest in the city.

Bike + hike tour
Catacumba's park tour
Half-a-day tour for R$70
After meeting at Copacabana beach, we cycle along the beaches of Copacabana, Leme and Ipanema and the lake. At Catacumba's park we do a short hike.

Prainha beach
Burle Marx' tour
Full-day tour for R$135
Enjoy the hidden beach of Prainha at the edge of Rio's West Zone, have lunch at a typical fisher's restaurante and admire Burle Marx landscaper at a guided visit.

Marcos Serrao is a true bike activist, associate member of Transporte Ativo organization, with whom he has published two mobile apps for Android devices. The 2015 crisis was just the push we needed to go for our own business and to work with my passions. Together with Gabriel Navarro, Jacqueline Lobo and Ricardo Carramillo, we created some tours gathering what Rio has the best to offer: cycling towards our beautiful sea-side bike-paths, immersing yourself in a hike at Rio's lush forest and getting to know genuine places. You will experience a much more authentic Rio and feel so many nuances that would simply be missed on a conventional sightseeing vehicle tour. We hope that you enjoy Rio as much as we do!

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